Dal 14 al 16 giugno, un percorso visivo e sonoro permetterà di scoprire in esclusiva 40 opere degli artisti Patrizia Martin Rossi e Emmanuel De La Paix. Venerdì 14 giugno: 19.00 - 22.00 Sabato 15 giugno: 10.00 - 20.00 Domenica 16 giugno: 10.00 - 20.00 Entrata libera. Casa dei Landfogti, Via Cantonale 112, Rivera, Svizzera
Album | The Physics of CloudsAlbum | The Physics of Clouds

Album | The Physics of Clouds

The Physics of Clouds

The Physics of Clouds

The Physics of Clouds is a sound exhibition inspired by visual art research. Following the sound path of the album, the images processed by Emmanuel represent the perfection behind the reality of the landscapes captured by the camera. The reprocessing of images, in a certain sense wants to capture the platonic dimension of elements. The author wants to express the concept for which symmetry is a geometric logarithm that pervades the universe (from the snowflakes to the rings of Saturn). Symmetry is part of a mathematical formula that describes the beauty of the only underlying universal energy. Soundtracks are personalized for the exhibition. All prints are limited (3 copies) and exposed in sizes: 80x80cm / 32x32'' and 40x40cm /16x16''.


"Visual Art is part of my personal music journey and pictures are part of the personal diary of a music artist. Music and Visual Art are intimately connected and I use both elements for transcending barriers within a universal language." Emmanuel
Emmanuel De La Paix

Emmanuel De La Paix

His music regularly combines guitars, acoustic elements and electronics, embracing synths and classical instruments, balancing a personal research of music sound. His debut album “Rescue Pack” - released on 2021 - is a grandiose mix of shoegaze-ish post rock, ambient and experimental electronics reminiscing of the likes of Sigur Ros, Ben Frost, De La Mancha, and in some special moments, Radiohead. Inspired by the rough landscapes and unrestrained forces of nature found in both Switzerland and Iceland, the epic songs tell of the healing power behind nature as well as music, a feature which unites the two in a unique way. Terre Brûlée - his second album released on 2022 - is not only the French term describing scorched earth, i.e. a wartime strategy of not leaving anything behind when retreating from an enemy but also the state into which humanity seems to drive our planet. And it is no coincidence that it is the title of Emmanuel De La Paix’s follow-up album to his outstanding debut ‘Rescue Pack’.  The Physics of Clouds - released on 2023 - is a concept album inspired by his sonic visual art research. The songs are linked to his photography artwork that describes the personal journey across the simmetry  All albums have been magnificently mixed and mastered by Birgir Jón Birgirsson who has been the sound engineer mastermind behind virtually all of Icelandic music and beyond, spanning artists like Sóley, Sigur Rós or Samaris, but also including the likes of Julianna Barwick or Efterklang.
Album | TERRE BRûLéEAlbum | TERRE BRûLéE

Album | TERRE BRûLéE

Album | Rescue packAlbum | Rescue pack

Album | Rescue pack

STORE | The Physics of CloudsSTORE | The Physics of Clouds

STORE | The Physics of Clouds

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